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2G Carbon Credit Sa deals with the international trading of Carbon Credits, as well as the scouting of new projects that can be certified for the issue of Carbon Credits exclusively in the Voluntary market.

The company orientation is towards a strong innovation that aims to streamline and certify the acquisition and trading process of Voluntary Carbon Credits in the Web3 by exploiting the enormous potential of the blockchain.

2G Carbon Credit Sa is among the first operators in the world to have successfully launched on the international markets a UTILITY TOKEN: the 2G CARBON COIN (2GCC).

Stakeholders & Partners

  • 2G CARBON CREDIT SA - Key operator for coordination and general project financing.
  • HERITAGE VENTURES LTD - Strategic financing partner and shareholder
  • ICL - Project Promoter since 2012
  • HEPTA SA - Engineering partner
  • TESCO - Technical Partner
  • 2G BIOETHANOL TUNISIE SA - Main partner
  • BIOETHANOL AGRICULTURE SARL - Agricultural company of the 2G Bioethanol Tunisie Group
  • GOVERNMENT OF THE TUNISIAN REPUBLIC - Partner for project development

Carbon Credits

Over 1.7M of Carbon Credits immediately available for the needs of all companies, which also according to the most recent COP26 provisions, need to offset their CO2 emissions.

2G Carbon Credit is the company that holds the exclusive right for the sale on the European market of the Carbon Credits deriving from the agricultural project of 2G Bioethanol Tunisie Group. 

This project, which will be carried out on an area of ​​100,000 hectares thanks to an agreement with the Tunisian government in 2016, has already begun.

In particular, the planting of "Arundo Donax" began on a first lot of 12,500 hectares in the area of ​​EL Hamma (Tunisia). TESCO, through its Tunisian branch, has already certified this activity, confirming the possibility of offsetting over 1.7 M tonnes of CO2, equal to the right to issue a total of over 1.7M Carbon Credits.

All Carbon Credis marketed in Europe by our company will be registered by the notified body accepted by the customer, as PLAN VIVO FOUNDATION or GOLD STANDARD.


Developing new green areas
to increase the CO2 offset market

2G Carbon Credit's mission is twofold.
On the one hand, our company aims to be a reference point in the European Carbon Credits trading market.

On the other hand, it aims to be the interface with government entities for the finalization of concessions of important plots of pre-deserted, flooded, salty or polluted land, in order to create green areas.


In the markets it is said that the value of Carbon Credits will be greater than that of Bitcoin, gold and silver

The importance of quickly identifying solutions and technologies that make it possible to offset CO2 emissions and at the same time make the chain of issuing and marketing Carbon Credits more usable, safe and traced is a priority for our Group.

In July 2022, among the first in the world, 2G Carbon Credit Sa issued the 2G Carbon Coin, a utility token minted on Binance Smart Chain that brings CO2 offsetting on chain.

Our flaghsip token $ 2GCC will be backed by corporate-grade carbon credits, suitable for individual and corporate offsetting needs. 2G Carbon Coin aims on becoming the first Refi* solution to be adopted mainstream.

*Regenerative Finance (ReFi) is a movement focusing on the power of blockchain and web3 to address climate change, support conservation and biodiversity, and creating a more equitable and sustainable financial system. 

Launched on 
07/ 2022

2G Carbon Coin Charts

2G Carbon Coin on the media

"With 2G Carbon Coin the group intends to revolutionise, simplify and make the Carbon Credits trading process more transparent, bringing it to the blockchain."

Techannouncer 29/07/22

"A project that has the classic win-win factors."

Techbullion 29/07/22

"2G Carbon Coin has reached a value 5 times higher than Ethereum and seems destined to give even Bitcoin a hard time."

Newswebsite 29/07/22

"Those who have long been convinced that Carbon Credits are worth more than gold may not be completely wrong."

Najaonpoint 15/07/22

"Hence the clear market advantage of $ 2GCC which is starting to show undisputed signs of potential leadership that even risks tarnishing the digital sacredness of Bitcoin and Ethereum"

Techannouncer 15/07//22

"The $ 2GCC project certainly benefits from the rare peculiarity of NOT being born from the blockchain, but of having landed from a ten-year industrial project that denotes solidity, investments and institutional ties such as those with the Tunisian government."

Techbullion 11/07/22


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